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Home Construction Services in Sydney

Knock Down and Rebuild

Have you found a suburb or community that you want to live in but don’t have any houses that are of interest? 

Did you find an area that is a short distance from work and close to good schools, but land is not available? 

Is your family increasing in size and there is a need for a larger home but you want to stay where you are?


If you find a great block in a desirable area that has a functional but obsolete home, or you want a larger home on your current block, then a knock down and rebuild is a great option for you. By knocking down an old home and building up a new one, not only will you get the home of your dreams, but you will also have your dream home in an area that you want to live in. 


At Grantleigh Homes we also cater for the commercial market. We have experience with the construction of Nursing Homes, Boarding Houses, Office complexes and Child Care Centres. No job is too big or too small.


Here at Grantleigh Homes, we have helped hundreds of happy clients with a variety of building projects and we can share some of these success stories with you for inspiration. 


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